The Support we provide is person-centred. This means that the support is tailored to individual needs. The overall aim is to enable individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a Tenancy and live Independently. With the overall goal of having their own independent property. The Staff team has over 30 years experience of providing support covering areas such as Mental Health, Homelessness, Substance misuse, Elderly, Learning Difficulties, benefits advice and Criminal Justice.
Achieve Economic Wellbeing
Benefit Entitlement
  • To ensure your H.B. claim is active.
  • Address any benefit issues you may have.
  • Check you are claiming for all you are entitled to.
Banks Account
  • Agreeing on what type of account is required.
  • Collecting and complete account forms.
  • Ensuring account is active and being used.
  • Re-activate old account(s) - if necessary.
Budget Plans
  • Discussion and completion of Income and Expenditure Form.
  • Discussion and completion of Budget Plan Agreement.
  • Establish and review success of budget plan.
  • Assessment of debt/loan amounts.
  • Gathering of paperwork on those owed money.
  • Agreement on a repayment plan.
  • On-going review of commitment to repayment plan.
Financial Recuperation
  • Assessment of actual amounts owed and contacting of debtors.
  • Broker repayment plan(s) and make offer(s) of repayment.
  • On-going review and/or the overseeing of repayments.
Spending Habits
  • Discussion on shopping and spending habits.
  • Agreement on relevant shopping/buying strategies.
  • Implementation of spending plan and review timescales.
Enjoy and Achieve
  • Production of C.V. /work history.
  • Agreement on appropriate job opportunities and job hunting strategy.
  • Interview techniques/confidence building programmes.
  • Agreement on appropriate training needs/desires.
  • Searching local training providers for relevant courses.
  • Enrolment on course(s) and on-going review of attendances.
  • Discussion on what relevant and appropriate activities are of interest.
  • Sourcing where such opportunities are available.
  • Engagement in activities with a review of on-going relevancy.
  • Discussion on interests and skills as a starting criteria.
  • Investigation of what relevant schemes are available that fit this criteria.
  • Agreement volunteering commitment with on-going review of usefulness.
Move-on help
  • Discussion on level of Independent living skills and readiness for move-on.
  • Agreement on a move-on strategy (areas, type of accommodation etc).
  • Contacting relevant organisations and completion of forms.
Equality and Diversity
  • Discussion on relevant equality and diversity support needs.
  • Internal or external arrangement of support delivery.
  • Delivery and on-going review of support received/delivered.
Stay Safe
Accommodation maintenance
  • Discussion in regard to accommodation needs/issues.
  • Discussion in regard to tenancy obligations and agreement to comply.
  • On-going review of accommodation needs and compliance.
Reduce risk of harm
  • Discussion and assessment on vulnerability and/or anger management. Agreement and commitment to a harm minimisation plan/strategy.
  • Undertaking of helpful support and/or programmes to raise awareness.
  • On-going review of adherence to the plan/strategy.
Independent living skills
  • Assessment of current living skills/abilities.
  • Agreement of areas of development and commitment to improvement plan.
  • Agree to engage in appropriate workshops/advice sessions.
Be Healthy
Physical Healthcare
  • Locate GP, if already registered, and seek to transfer to local surgery.
  • If not already registered, register at nearest appropriate local surgery.
  • Initiate first visit for a basic health check-up.
  • G.P. assessment of current physical health condition.
  • Set targets for physical health improvement.
  • Agreement on a relevant health improvement plan.
  • On-going commitment review.
  • Locate dentist, if already registered, and seek transfer to local surgery.
  • If not already registered, register at nearest appropriate local surgery.
  • Initiate first visit for a basic dental check-up.
Mental Healthcare
  • G.P. assessment of current Mental health condition.
  • Set targets for Mental health improvement with relevant plan produced.
  • Commitment to plan with on-going review.
Substance Misuse
  • Assessment of current substance misuse (amount and regularity etc.).
  • Discussion and agreement on reduction strategy.
  • Set up specialist agency support package, if required.
  • On-going review/support in regard to the reduction plan.
Third Party Support
  • Agreement on the necessity of other support.
  • Contacting of relevant agencies and setting up initial appointment(s).
  • On-going review of attendances/commitment and benefit.
Healthy eating
  • Discussion and assessment of current eating habits.
  • Discussion and agreement on an improvement strategy/plan.
  • On-going review of commitment to plan.
Personal Hygiene
  • Discussion and assessment of current personal hygiene habits.
  • Discussion and agreement on an improvement strategy/plan.
  • On-going review of commitment to plan.
Make a Positive Contribution
Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Discussion on tenancy and legal obligations.
  • Agreement on a behaviour improvement plan/strategy.
  • On-going review of behavioural support needs.
Statutory Orders
  • Discussion on the expectations and implications of the statutory orders.
  • Agreement on committing to the support plan offered by Probation.
  • On-going review of offending behaviour and attendance at Probation.
Offending Behaviour
  • Discussion on the causes for the offending behaviour.
  • Agreement and commitment to a reducing offending behaviour plan.
  • On-going review including commitment to outside specialist agencies.
Social Networks
  • Discussion and agreement on developing positive support networks.
  • Agreement to a strategy of finding new/other interests.
  • On-going review of behaviour and relationship support needs.