Our hostels are all designed and refurbished to fit our specific needs. Each tenant has their own fully furnished bedroom as well as access to our newly fitted bathrooms and kitchens with full cooking and washing facilities. Our hostels also have a support office which is staffed 24/7.

The support in our hostels seeks to break down the barriers to homelessness within a safe space, for people to then make the transition into independent living. All support provided through the service aims to see residents be equipped with the skills to manage a tenancy, seek out a home through acquiring their bidding number and to most of all, feel a sense of satisfaction with their accomplishments. For those who have struggled to locate or maintain an accommodation, our hostels should be the key stepping stone to address this at the individual’s own pace.

Our Hostels aim to promote a significant step to independence. Designed and managed to be a safe space for couples and individuals in need of support, with dedicated staff onsite 24/7. The facilities and service within the accommodation are kept to a high standard to ensure residents feel safe, settled and supported. With washing facilities, essential bathroom and kitchen appliances as well as onsite security, our hostels seeks to create a quiet and warm environment for all residents.