About Us

Our ethos has always been to help restore hope, to help individuals to rebuild their lives and self-confidence to feel part of the community and finally achieve a new home to start a new risk-free stable life. We work directly with thousands of homeless people every year.

We provide vital help so that people can rebuild their lives and are supported out of homelessness for good. We offer one to one support, advice and courses for homeless people. It could be with finding a home and settling in, getting new skills and finding a job, or help with their health and well-being.

Who Are We

We work to support the homeless, providing accommodation to both singles and couples, whether male or female. We receive referrals from many different organisations before sourcing accommodation and providing supported housing services. We are responsive to individual needs and so if an individual struggles with drug or alcohol issues, we will work to refer them to the third party support they require, assisting them to re-enter mainstream society.

Prior to establishing the business, we had witnessed increasing homelessness in Birmingham, something that was becoming a major issue within the city. Rising rents and increasing property checks exacerbated this problem and it was clear to see how it was impacting homeless people. This led to many homeless people having to “sofa surf”, switching from one friend’s house to another, because they were unable to find accommodation and without accommodation, they couldn’t find work. A vicious cycle was developing.

We went out into our community to find out how we could help. By supporting homeless people to find accommodation, we can break this vicious cycle. We have a network of support workers who assist each individual across a range of areas, from ensuring they have a local GP to ensuring they receive all the benefits they are eligible for. We also work to alleviate any drug or debt issues and study the complete needs of the individual, assessing their whole case, to ensure we can support them in the most effective way possible.

A key strength of our service, and something we pride ourselves on, is that we provide much more than accommodation. There are many similar providers in our area but what sets us apart is our commitment to go beyond simply providing a property. Although this is a crucial first step, more support is often needed: an individual may now have a home but still has no means to support themselves

You are in a good hands....